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The Arizona State Board of Nursing is in Phoenix, Arizona. They are one of the compact license states for registered nurses and LPN's only. This makes being a travel nurse in Arizona really easy.

If you are traveling as an advanced practice nurse, you will need to obtain an Arizona license and won't be able to travel on your compact license. This won't be a problem as licensing in Arizona is not very difficult

If you have a compact nursing license in Az. you can travel to other compact states and work on your Arizona nursing license. If you have a compact nursing license from another state, you can travel to Arizona and work on your home license. This makes traveling much easier and gives you tons of options for some quick assignments.  

Their physical and mailing address are the same:
Arizona Board of Nursing
4747 North 7th Street, Suite 200
Phoenix, Arizona 85014-3653

You can call them directly at:
Phone: 602-889-5150
Fax: 602-889-5155

Or feel free to email them directly at:

Be sure to include your name and phone number within your email for them to contact you, although they will also use email. They really prefer to have multiple ways to contact you if they need more information.
Arizona Nursing Board 

Be sure to check out our Arizona nursing jobs page for great information on being an Arizona travel nurse! You will enjoy traveling to Az with it's beautiful weather and great travel assignments. There are some incredible hospitals to work at where you will enjoy a rewarding assignment.

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4 great things to see in Arizona

Known for it's incredible desert landscapes and native american culture, Arizona is a fantastic place to live and work.

1: Grand Canyon

Often considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the canyon is actually a gorge carved out of the region’s sandstone bluffs by the Colorado River. You can view the Grand Canyon from the rim, or hike through it, ride a mule or even fly. Whatever way you decide, don't miss it.

2: Monument Valley

Monument Valley has starred in more movies than John Wayne - well maybe not, but the features of the valley are famous because of their recognizable shapes, including The Mittens and The Totem Pole. In the midst of Navajo territory, the sandstone towers have become the defining feature of the American West.

3: Hoover Dam

This feat of modern engineering was constructed in 1931t. It was constructed as a means by which to contain the flooding of the Colorado River, and to provide water to the desert inhabitants surrounding it. 

4. Lowell Observatory

Established by Percival Lowell on a mesa overlooking Flagstaff, Arizona, today the Lowell Observatory hosts several telescopes, and runs a dark-sky research centre.  Visitors can enjoy tours, telescope viewing, exhibits, multimedia shows, and more. 

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