Connecticut Nursing Jobs

Enjoy Connecticut Travel Nurse Jobs in the Northeast

Connecticut nursing jobs offer the best of two worlds. The high tech of Yale and other top hospitals and facilities and the sleepy, quaint sea side villages of the coast. You can enjoy it all in Ct.

You are close to New York City, only a 1 1/2 hour train ride. Also, Newark, New Jersey, Boston, Massachusetts and skiing in Vt. are a short drive away. Just decide what you would like to do and go and enjoy! It is all right there for you.

Yale is in New Haven, Ct. and employs travel nurses very frequently. They are a premier teaching facility at the forefront of research.

connecticut nursing jobs

They also have every specialty you might want to work in. You can enjoy all of that along with art, museums, beautiful tree lined streets, and so much more.

Just a short drive away are the quaint and sleepy little seaside villages. They are wonderful for days at the beach, wandering and exploring the shops and architecture or enjoying some wonderful fresh seafood. It is all available and within easy reach.

If you travel a short distance to the north or south, you can explore NYC or Boston. Just take a short drive, or better yet, take the train to NYC and don't worry about the hassle of parking. Use the iconic subway to browse through the city.

Connecticut nurses will be centrally located to see the beautiful Northeast, work at premier facilities with a rich cultural experience and also enjoy high wages.

Be sure to check out our Connecticut Board of Nursing page to find all of the information you need to be a Connecticut travel nurse!

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