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The Delaware Board of Nursing (DE) is in Dover, Del. They are a very easy licensing board to contact and work with. 

They participate as a nurse compact state. If you have a compact license from your home state, you can work on that license in Delaware. 

If you have a Delaware nursing license that is a compact license, you can travel to other compact states and work under that license. This makes travel nursing in Delaware very easy to do. 

Their website has application information, license, renewal, verification, rules, regulations, nurse practice act, contact information and education. It offers plenty of information online, but if you need to contact them that is easy to do also.

Their mailing address is:
Delaware State Board of Nursing
Cannon Building,
Suite 203
861 Silver Lake Blvd.
Dover, DE 19904

To contact them by phone:
(302) 744-4500
If you need to fax them:
(302) 739-2711
To email them directly:
De Board of Nursing 

Be sure to see our information on nursing jobs in Delaware for tons of information on travel nursing in Delaware. You will find there is much to do there. 

This is a small but mighty state! You may be surprised if you choose to take a traveling nurse assignment there. They have many great facilities to work at and lots to do when you are off work. It is also very close to major cities on the eastern coast that are sure to keep you busy. Once you have decided to take a travel nurse job in Delaware, fill out one of our applications to get started.

Things to do in Delaware

Delaware is steeped in history and was the first state in the US. There are many different historical sites throughout the state to visit - you could follow the Delaware Historical Trail which has 36 important historical sites.

Or you could spend time on the beach, enjoying the surf and sand, and coastal life.

Although it is small, it only takes 2 hours to drive across the state, you will find plenty of dining, museums, tax free shopping and galleries to keep you busy. You are very close to Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Allentown. Pretty much anything you would like to do is right there for you. 

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