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The Idaho Board of Nursing is located in Boise, Id. You will find that they are a really easy licensing board to work with. Idaho is one of the participating nurse compact states which is a real plus for traveling nurses.

If you have a compact license from another participating state, you can travel to Idaho and work on that license without getting a new one. If you have an Idaho compact license, you can work on that license in other participating compact states, as well. This is an easy way to work as a travel nurse. It gives you tons of options for travel nursing assignments and destinations. 

Their website has contact information, licensing information, rules and regulations, publications and the nurse practice act are all online. You will find most of what you need online, otherwise you can also contact them directly for help or information. They are easy to get in touch with.

Idaho State Board of Nursing
Their Physical Address is:
280 North 8th Street
Suite 210
Boise, Id.

Their Mailing Address is:
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, Id. 83720-0061

You can phone them directly at:
(208) 334-3110
If you need to fax them, use:
(208) 334-3262
Idaho Nursing Board 

Be sure to check out travel nursing jobs in Idaho to see all of the fun to be had as an Idaho travel nurse. You will find there aren't always tons of jobs available but when they are they tend to go quickly. Many travel nurses know that Idaho travel nurse jobs are worth it and are actively seeking them out. so, if you are interested be sure to let your recruiter know to be on the lookout and also be prepared to interview quickly. 

When you are ready to look at travel nursing jobs in Idaho, fill out one of our applications to get started on the process and contact the Idaho Board of Nursing for information. They are very friendly and helpful and will have you on your way to traveling in Idaho quickly.

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Things to do in Idaho

Idaho has thousands of miles of lakes and rivers for you to explore by canoe, on foot, whitewater rafting or watching it all happen from the peace of the bank.

The scenery in Idaho, from the mountains to the incredible lakes, offers something for everyone. There is rock climbing, gem hunting, hiking, fishing, biking, rafting, skiing and golfing available to keep you busy. Idaho also has some wonderful museums, galleries and wonderful restaurants.

Of course it's not all play. Idaho is one of the friendliest places you can travel to and you will find all of the professional challenges you are looking for. They have large teaching hospitals or rural community hospitals to choose from.

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