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The Illinois Board of Nursing is located in Springfield, Il. They don't participate in the nurse compact license so if you would like to be a travel nurse in Ill., you will need to obtain an Illinois nursing license first. The licensing board is easy to work with so this isn't a difficult feat to accomplish.

Their website offers contact information, licensing renewal and verification for RN, APN, and LPN"s. They have a revised nurse practice act available online, too. They also have news and publications, education and CEU's and approved nursing programs in the state. 

It is a very large website with most everything that you will need whether you are a RN, LPN or Nurse Practitioner (NP). If there is something you need help with and need to contact them you can do that too.

Their Mailing and Physical Address is:
Illinois State Board of Nursing
320 West Washington St
Springfield, IL 62786

You can telephone them at:
(217)524-6735 TDD
Their fax number is:
(217)782-7645 FAX
llinois Nursing Board 

Be sure to see Illinois nurse jobs for great information on being an Illinois travel nurse. Illinois always has tons of great jobs available and is often sought after by travel nurses. You can usually find something available though when you are ready to go since it has so much available. 

You can travel to Illinois and work at any number of great facilities. Large and small or urban and rural. You can make your choice based on what kind of experience you would like to have. 

You'll find there are many highly regarded facilities to work at and lots to do in the state after you are off of work. When you are ready to be a travel nurse in Illinois, fill out one of our application forms to get started on your travel nursing career. You will be ready in no time. Contact the Illinois Board of Nursing and you will be on your way to a great job.

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Things to do in Illinois

Illinois is very diverse in the activities that are available to you. You have the large city atmosphere of Chicago or the laid back towns that dot the Mississippi River. You can take a leisurely ride on a riverboat or enjoy a late night on the town.

Chicago is the most well known city, with the 3rd largest population in the United States, it is easy to see why. It is so much more than just a large city though and has everything you would expect and more.

The summer months are very active. Being located right on Lake Michigan, there are lots of water activities available - sailing, fishing, and water skiing. There are also all of the major league sports for all of the seasons. They take their sports seriously and a game is loads of fun. 

The winter months are just as active. There are art galleries, fine dining - be sure to try some Chicago style pizza, and enough nightlife to keep anyone happy.

Historic Galena, Route 66, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and the Mississippi River are all unique adventures to explore and are easy to get to.

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