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International travel nursing is a dream for many nurses. Whether you are a foreign nurse wishing to come to the United States or a U.S. nurse wanting to travel abroad, international nursing jobs are an exciting course to follow.

There are only a few travel nurse agencies that cater to international nurses. You need to be sure to investigate them thoroughly to be sure they will meet your needs.

You can sign up for our free travel nurse report that will give you questionnaires and help guide you through the process.

international travel nursing

If you are a US licensed nurse looking for international nursing jobs please fill out this application to get started.

Foreign nurses traveling to America need to go through a different and fairly lengthy process. You will need to take the NCLEX exam for your nursing license and apply for a green card. The good news is, once you have your green card, you can work here indefinitely as a nurse.

international nursing jobs

Many nurses mistakenly believe that the process will be easy with a H1 visa. This is actually not a good option for most nurses as they are difficult to qualify for.

If you come from Canada, U.K., South Africa, or Australia this process will be easier. Don't despair if you are licensed in another country as many other countries have easy access as well.

You will need to be proficient in reading, writing and speaking in English. You will need to take the nursing exam in English.

Our partner agencies will be able to assist you through this entire process, from beginning to end.

Fill out our travel nurse jobs application form to begin. We work with several agencies who offer the entire package for our clients.

International travel nursing is definitely worth it. You will have learning opportunities and experiences that you would never encounter elsewhere. It is a very rewarding choice and we look forward to helping you to obtain your dreams.

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