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Traveling Nurse Jobs in Maine are Exciting Year Round

Maine nurses are able to enjoy the many beautiful seaside villages, eclectic cities and classic New England charm that is Maine. With over 3500 miles of coast line, numerous lakes and rivers and dense forests, Maine nursing jobs offer something for everyone.

In the winter you can ski, snowmobile, skate and fish. In the summer, enjoy the ocean, lakes and rivers. There is swimming, boating, fishing, camping and hiking. Maine is truly a great place for the outdoor enthusiast.

You can easily cross the border for a trip into Canada. Quebec and Montreal are both accessible right over the border. You can spend a day or even a weekend or more in Canada enjoying another country but still close to home.

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Lobster is a delicious staple. Over 90% of our lobster comes from Maine. It doesn't get any better than fresh Maine lobster sitting at a seaside cafe. While you are at the coast, check out some of the old lighthouses. There are several with lots of great history that you can tour. They are incredibly beautiful.

Be sure to see the Maine State Board of Nursing page for information on obtaining your Maine nursing license. Their office is really easy to speak with and they handle their requests rather quickly. They are also easy to get in touch with by either email, phone or snail mail and are known for being prompt with return calls.

If you are interested in nursing jobs in Maine, be sure to let your recruiter know. They can go fast, especially in the summer months when the weather is nice and the tourist season is in full swing. You can also ask your recruiter to actively seek out an assignment for you. Sometimes, with contacts, travel nurse recruiters are able to procure a job when one isn't advertised.

Maine nurses have the opportunity to enjoy a great travel nursing assignment in a wonderful location. If you have the opportunity to travel to Maine, be sure to consider it. You will really enjoy yourself.

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