Maine State Board of Nursing

Maine Nursing Offers Great Times In The Pine Tree State

The Maine State Board of Nursing is located in Augusta, Me. They are a part of the nurse compact license. 

If you have a compact license from another state, you can travel and work on that license in Maine. If you have a compact license from Maine, you can work on that license in other compact states, as well. 

With a compact license it really decreases the time spent on obtaining new licenses for new travel assignments.

Don't despair though if you don't have one. The Maine nursing board is a very well run operation and very easy to work with. You can contact them with questions and they will answer you promptly. 

The website has information on the application process, renewal, and verification. The nurse practice act, rules, regulations and info on the board are also available. You can find most all of the general information that you might need. They are also only a phone call away for questions.

Here is all of their direct contact information if you need to speak with them: 

Maine Board of Nursing
161 Capitol St.
158 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0158

Their direct phone number is:
(207) 287-1133
Their fax number is:
(207) 287-1149
Maine Nursing Board 

If you are interested in being a Maine travel nurse, be sure to see our page on Maine nurses for information on the hows and why of traveling in this great state. It is frequently a favorite for those in the know. 

You will find tons to do and many great facilities to choose from. Maine can be a highly sought after location so you will need to stay on top of the jobs when they are available if you want to travel there. 

No matter what your favorite season is, there is always something going on. Classic summer and winter is great with all of the activities you might expect. The fall is a wonderful time to be in the state. When you think of foliage colors most think of New Hampshire or Vermont but Maine has lots of forests in the state and is just beautiful this time of year. 

The Maine State Board of Nursing is one of the most well run nursing boards that you can work with. With it being a compact state coupled with an easy to use website, you won't have any trouble obtaining your Maine nursing license.

photo credit Andy Ellingwood

Things to do in Maine

The beautiful seaside villages, eclectic cities and classic New England charm that is Maine.

In the winter you can ski, snowmobile, skate and fish. In the summer, enjoy the ocean, lakes and rivers. There is swimming, boating, fishing, camping and hiking. With over 3500 miles of coast line, numerous lakes and rivers and dense forests, Maine is truly a great place for the outdoor enthusiast.

Over 90% of our lobster comes from Maine and it doesn't get any better than fresh Maine lobster sitting at a seaside cafe. While you are at the coast, check out some of the old lighthouses. There are several with lots of great history that you can tour. They are incredibly beautiful.

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