Maryland Board of Nursing

Be A Maryland Nurse And See The Old Line State

The Maryland Board of Nursing is in Baltimore, Md. Maryland is one of the compact nursing states. 

If you have a Maryland license and are a Maryland resident with a compact nursing license, you can work in other compact states with your current license.

If you have a compact license from another state, you can travel to Md. and work on that license. This makes obtaining travel nursing licenses really easy to do. 

The boards online services are license renewal, online license look up, application and forms, regulations, education and ceu's. 

Their website is pretty comprehensive so you should be able to get all of your information from there. If not, you can contact them directly for questions or more info. 

Here is all of the contact information you will need to speak with the board directly or to get to them: 

Maryland State Board of Nursing

4140 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland, 21215-2254

The Board's office is on the Home Depot side of the Reisterstown Road Plaza Mall, behind Burlington Coat Factory. The Nurses division is above the loading docks on the upper level. 

RN/LPN Main Telephone Number 410-585-1900
RN/LPN Toll-Free Number 888-202-9861
RN/LPN Renewal Desk 410-585-1901
RN/LPN Fax Number 410-358-3530
24-hour Automated RN/LPN Verification Line 410-585-1978
Advanced Practice Certification 410-585-1930
Maryland Nursing Board 

If you are interested in 

Maryland nursing jobs be sure to check out our travel nursing page for Maryland. There are some incredible facilities to work at and you are very close to other states and things to do. 

Maryland is known for it's seafood and history. If you go be sure to head on over to the coast at some point for some great food. It's always fresh and tastes great! 

Also, you are so close to many other states up and down the coast. You can easily travle to New York, Boston, D.C., Virginia and many other loctions. A weekend is all you need for many of them. 

The Maryland Board of Nursing is a great board to work with and is usually very easy to get a hold of. If you need them other than their website (which is unlikely) they are readily available. Also with it being a compact state, you have tons of flexibility already built in.

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Things to do in Maryland

Maryland offers small, charming towns and large, bustling cities. Rich in culture from the civil war era to current politics in our nations capital with all of the museums and art galleries that you could want. 

Chesapeake Bay is well known for it's fresh seafood, and Maryland is known for its Blue stone crabs - enjoy the seas bounty either at home or on the beach.

Enjoy the outdoors of Maryland in one of the many National Parks or on the National Seashore. 

Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington D.C. are all close by and you will be able to see everything that they have to offer very easily. The history available in this area is tremendous and unique for America.

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