Massachusetts Board of Nursing

Massachusetts Nurses Love The Bay State

Massachusetts Nurses Love The Bay StateThe Massachusetts Board of Nursing is located in Boston, Ma. They aren't one of the states that participate in the nurse compact license so, if you take a travel assignment in Massachusetts, you will need a Massachusetts nursing license to be able to work.

The whole licensing process is very easy though. Their office can be rather busy but is easily accessible both online or by phone.

Most everything that you could need for getting your license is located on their website.

It is very comprehensive. They offer contact information, licensing application, renewal and verification, fees, statutes, rules, regulations, CEU's, education and a regularly updated newsletter.

You can use this guide if you need to contact them directly.


Mass. Board of Nursing
239 Causeway Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02114

The phone number is:1-800-414-0168 or 617-973-
0800br> The fax number is:

Ma. Board of Nursing

The Massachusetts State Board of Nursing offers tons of information, but if you are interested in traveling to Massachusetts, be sure to see our Massachusetts nursing  page for lots of great information on this wonderful state. There are tons of really good hospitals to work at and there are usually a good amount of assignments available, as well. 

Massachusetts has many fun activities to choose from. Whether you are looking for the big city of Boston, a quiet and quaint coastal town or anything in between. There is always something going on. 

You are also very close to other large cities up and down the coast. New York City and Washington, D.C. are easy to drive to for a short trip. There are also many other charming New England states and towns to visit. Museums, fall foliage and great restaurants are all available. 

Working with the Massachusetts Board of Nursing is a very easy process. While it can be a busy office they are always available and most everything is also on line. If you have any licensing questions, you can contact them directly for help.

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Fun things to do in Massachusetts

Massachusets is steeped in history, you will find civil war sites, the Boston Harbor and living history museums. If you are into old architecture and American history, it really doesn't get any better.

While the trendy Boston restaurants, shopping, art galleries and museums are as good as they come. You can find all of the modern amenities and activities that you could possibly want.

Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are the island playgrounds of Massachusetts. You can enjoy a leisurely weekend with the beach, history, shopping and great seafood. There are always plenty of rentals available if you would like a little longer stay. 

Winter is a snow packed adventure. You can find all of the usual activities close by. Skiing, snowmobiling, skating, fishing and sledding are all available for some snowy outdoor fun.

Summer time also offers all of the warm weather delights. Beaches, boating, fishing, hiking and more are all close by.

If sports are your thing, this is the place to be. There is a professional team for everyone. You can enjoy football, baseball, hockey, basketball and even Nascar. They are all close by and easily accessible for you to root on your favorite team.

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