NH Board of Nursing

Become a New Hampshire nurse and see the Granite State

nh board of nursing

The NH Board of Nursing is in the beautiful capital of Concord, NH. They are one of the nurse compact states.

If you live in NH and wish to work with your compact license in another compact state, you can. Also, if you have a compact license from another state, you can work on that license in New Hampshire.

The online services offered by the board are licensing, license verification, renewal, NCLEX preparation information, contact info, forms, rules and regulations.

New Hampshire Board of Nursing
21 South Fruit Street, Suite 16
Concord NH 03301-2431

Phone: (603) 271-2323
Fax: (603) 271-6605
email: boardquestions@nursing.state.nh.us
NH State Board of Nursing

If you are interested in exploring New Hampshire nurse jobs, see New Hampshire nursing jobs for all that this beautiful state has to offer.

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Things to do in New Hampshire

New Hampshire in the heart of New England, is a little state with a lot going on. You have historic charm, beautiful lakes and mountains and one of the finest teaching university hospitals in the nation.

Some other great areas are Portsmouth, Manchester, Concord . They all offer the history and charm that is New England with modern amenities to enjoy. Find out about colonial New England at a wide range of museums and historical sites.

New Hampshire has great shopping - all the usual things, plus antiques, art and crafts.

Everyone knows about the stunning New England fall, and New Hampshire is a fantastic place to experience it. But the forests and woodlands, like the Great North Woods, are great for birdwatching, hiking trails all year round.

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