A Nurse Can Change Career

Travel Nursing As A Career

Are you a nurse who is wants to change your career? You're not alone. While nursing burnout has always been a problem it is now hitting numbers like never seen before. Long days, long hours and little appreciation are starting to drain many nurses. If you still love nursing but are looking for something different, consider travel nursing.

Travel nursing can offer so much of what you thought nursing would be back when you started and more. While the hours can still be long, you have so much more freedom in your hours, locations and assignments. You can choose to work part of the year or all of it.

Take time off when ever you want or need to. Many nurses find they can make their full time staff nurse wage in 6-9 months of travel nursing while still receiving many of the benefits you were used to at home as a nurse. If you change your career you won't miss any of the benefits you have enjoyed.

A traveling nurse career offers free health insurance, free housing, travel relocation, license reimbursement, 401K contributions, CEU's and more. The benefits are often better than a staff nursing job. You also get to choose your assignments when and where you want them.

If you wish to take off a month at Christmas, no problem. Simply arrange your assignment to coincide with the break. If you would like to spend 6 months in Hawaii (who wouldn't) assignments are frequently offered for extension. It isn't unheard of for nurses to stay in one location for up to a year but assignments are usually for 13 weeks each.

When nurses first consider travel nursing as a career, they often wonder if it will look bad on their resumes. On the contrary. Travel nursing has become so widespread that it is well known and is looked at favorable on a resume.

You aren't just job hopping, you are working where you are needed. You will be adept at change and adaptable to new ways of doing things. Travel nurses are highly sought after in staff positions for their flexibility but many choose travel nursing as a permanent career choice and enjoy new assignments for years.

If you are a nurse who wants to change your career, travel nursing may be a good fit. Still doing what you love, seeing new places, learning new things and being well compensated. There are tons of great reasons to give travel nursing a try. 

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