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Trying to decide if you need nurse practitioner malpractice insurance coverage can be a daunting time. While most hospitals do cover you under their own policy there are many reasons you should consider obtaining your own insurance coverage.

If you are covered by your employer, you will continue to be covered in the event of a lawsuit or perceived infraction. The sticky situation arises if you should be let go from your position for this or another problem.

Once you are let go from your job or fired, you are no longer under this blanket of protection. You will no longer be covered by their insurance policy. Your protection against this or any lawsuit is now gone.

The unpredictability of a claim or lawsuit is the real problem at hand. There doesn't actually need to have been a real situation on your part for you to be included in a lawsuit.

And if you think that being a nurse is going to prevent you from being included in a lawsuit you may need to think again. Nurses in general and nurse practitioners in particular are being named specifically in lawsuits more often than ever before. No longer are only doctors and hospitals being named in lawsuits.

nurse practitioner malpractice insurance

Lawsuits are now frequently naming anyone that is on the chart that can be included. Only after talking and interviewing these healthcare workers are their names then dropped from the suit.

By going with this process they are looking for the best person or people to include from their point of view. They want the best possible outcome from their lawsuit and this is their way of doing so.

By actually having your own nurse practitioner malpractice insurance coverage you are taking control of your own future. You are ensuring that you are covered, not only in the event of a lawsuit, but also if you should lose your job, effectively also then losing your coverage and protection.

The sad truth today is that the coverage you have from your employer is in reality, to protect your employer. The byproduct is protecting you as long as it protects them. While this may be a very pessimistic view, it is the reality of todays litigious nature.

Not protecting yourself, your license, and your future is a foolhardy move. Fortunately, obtaining your own nurse protection liability insurance is easy and inexpensive to do. There are many great, quality companies who have this coverage available at a very affordable yearly rate.

Getting your own nurse liability insurance is now becoming much more commonplace. Now, this doesn't mean you decline the insurance from your employer or make it known that you have your own policy. This is more of a backup if necessary to give you the added coverage if it comes to pass.

By having your own nurse practitioner malpractice insurance coverage could be one of the best things you do for your career. Hopefully you will never actually need it. In the event this bad situation should happen, you will have taken the necessary measures to protect yourself and your license.

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