Nurse Salary

Are You Where You Want To Be?

The average nurse salary is increasing, but is it increasing enough? Depending on where you live it may not be.

Hospitals are cutting back on benefits and raises to employees. Many times your annual raises aren't even enough to pay for inflation.

How do you combat this? Many registered nurses, LPN's, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, pharmacy techs and nurse practitioners have decided to hit the open road.

No, they aren't walking away from their profession, only their staff jobs. They are deciding to take travel positions instead.

Some are staying close to home, just working as a traveler. Others are seeing the United States and some adventurous ones are even seeing the world.

nurse salary

Many nurses have caught on that this is a great way to travel and experience new cultures. What better way than immersing yourself into a travel job?

Usually, travel pay is much higher, plus the benefits are great. Free housing, paid licenses, free continuing education, the chance to learn in a new environment, and traveling to new places. All of this adds up to a pretty incredible package.

Generally, a registered nurse wage will be from $24-$40+ per hour and include all of those wonderful benefits. It's possible to earn much more depending on the needs of the unit and the location. Many travel nurse jobs also have cmpletion and sign on bonuses available.

So, if you are tired of the stagnant nursing pay, try travel nursing. Enjoy the new challenges and great opportunities.

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