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Finding the Best Travel Nursing Job

A nurse travel company is where you will go to find a travel nursing job. You will not be directly employed by the hospital but by the travel nursing agencies that you decide to apply and work for. The agency will have a contract with the hospital to fill the positions and you will work for a short period, usually 13 weeks.

nurse travel company

Most agencies provide excellent benefits such as free housing, free health insurance travel reimbursement, license reimbursement, 401K and some even provide tuition reimbursement. Along with these incredible benefits you will usually make a higher salary as a traveling nurse than if you were a staff nurse.

There continues to be a nursing shortage in the US. While jobs aren't always easy to come by for the new graduate, with experience you will have no problems. A nurse travel company requires at least one year of experience in your chosen field. Some are asking two-three but there are still plenty of jobs available with one year.

This is in your best interest. While many new graduates are eager to travel you need to understand that your assignment is so short they will not have time to train you. You will need to be confident enough in your skills to perform your job well with little to no orientation. This only comes with experience.

Your Travel Nursing Job

You will have a great amount of flexibility with a travel nursing job. You will often be able to choose your assignments based on location in the country, large or small hospital, type of unit, hours etc. The more flexible you are the better your chances of finding a good assignment. If you are very specific on all or most of your criteria you may find there are lapses in your employment while waiting for the perfect job to come along. Many nurses take an assignment thinking it isn't what they want and find it to be interesting and fulfilling.

If frequent travel isn't your thing, no need to worry. There are hospitals who routinely use travel nurses and will resign a nurse for an extension. There are even nurses who have worked in one location up to a year. This can provide some location stability for those who are enjoying their current job.

A good nurse travel company will be your friend. They will listen to your needs and help you to find a fulfilling position. You will need to be open and honest about your needs and wants and be flexible. With all of that you will find travel nursing to be a rewarding career!

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