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Nursing journals are as varied as the nurses who read them. They offer you a wonderful opportunity to stay up to date on everything within the nursing profession and your specialty.

Are you wondering how a new procedure is working during trials, how to advance your nursing career or just need some CEU's? There are a plethora of journals, nursing articles and nursing magazines available on the market that will help with all of that and more.

Just how do you go about finding the information you are after? The journals are all very specific. Most of them are geared towards a specialty. Each nursing specialty has at least one, if not more, journal or magazine choices.

Get the latest information with
specialty nursing associations

Many are offered through the associations and offer up the latest in nursing research. They often accompany your annual membership, which is a big plus.

Some are geared towards the nursing profession. They address how to handle situations with your peers, advance your career, legalities in nursing and so much more.

Nursing CEU's

You will frequently see continuing education opportunities offered with each issue. These are usually a great opportunity to get up to date information while earning low cost or free CEU's.

Many journals are offered exclusively online and some in print journals will put issues online for members to view. You can even find some issues completely free online, although they usually have dated information. They are a good choice for research, though.

As a nurse, subscribing to journals will be one of the easiest ways to stay up to date with not only your profession, but your specialty, as well.

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