Why Do You Need Nursing Malpractice Insurance?

Nursing Liability Insurance
Professional Liability Insurance
for Nurses

Nursing malpractice insurance can mean the difference between success and failure in your nursing career. Evidence shows that the healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries.

This means there will be many more nurses than there was in the past. They are no longer immune to lawsuits as they once were.

If you are an advanced degree nurse be sure to see our page on nurse practitioner malpractie insurance for more information on why you should also be interested in this topic. Many people choose to become nurses and doctors so that they can fulfill their dream of helping other people in need. Some people also choose to become nurses because they know that they will have great job security. No matter where you live there is likely to be some citizen near you that needs home healthcare assistance.

Nurse Liability Insurance

Due to the nature of the work a nurse is required to interact closely with their patients. You are responsible for taking care of very sick patients who rely on you for their care. While they depend on you, unfortunately the outcome of that care isn't always what the patient hopes for. Whether that is your fault or not, you will often be held accountable.

nursing malpractice insurance

As much as we would all like to be perfect this just isn't the case. If you make a significant mistake it is likely that you will not only lose your job but will be sued as well. Being sued can ruin you if you are not prepared for it. This can mean losing your license as well as being sued. Professional liability insurance for nurses can help with this.

Many people have no concern for others and look to make money any way they can. In some cases you may find that many workers have been falsely accused of nursing malpractice. In the heat of an emergency you must always remember your hospitals protocol.

Nurse Malpractice Insurance

If you fail to follow the right procedure your mistake could be cause for litigation. Sometimes there is a dispute between who is telling the truth. In these cases it will be up to the courts to decide who is telling the truth. It's best to purchase nursing malpractice insurance in advance in case you are accused. Unfortunately you are not able to buy insurance after a lawsuit has been put into place.

Buying nursing liability insurance isn't that expensive and is better than the alternative. The alternative is to leave yourself unprotected in case a patient tries to sue you. Without this protection your livelihood is in danger. In some areas it is a requirement that you have nursing malpractice insurance before you can begin working as a nurse, either way it is worth it to check into the details.

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