Nursing Scrubs

Comfort and Quality

Nursing scrubs and nursing uniforms are the mainstay of medical uniforms. It doesn't matter if you are in the OR, pediatric floor or doctors office.

Scrubs have come a long way. They are offered in as many different solid colors as you can imagine. Prints are available for every specialty and holiday, as well.

Many hospitals are changing to single colored uniforms. Some are even using different colors to denote specialties such as Nursing, lab, XR or housekeeping.

Be sure to ask with any interview, before accepting an assignment, if they have uniform requirements. This will be sure to save you time and possibly money in the long run.

Nursing shoes are no different. All hospitals have different requirements. Some only want white nurses shoes while others are fine with black or brown. Many nurses like to wear crocs. Some employers won't allow them with the open holes. Be sure to ask.

Lab coats are used widely, however, some units require them when leaving the floor.

You won't see a nurse hat in many places outside of nursing school these days. They are available and most hospitals will allow you to wear one if you would like.

Nurse scrubs and medical scrubs are easy to come by and very economical. Some travel agencies will even offer a yearly stipend for uniforms. Be sure to talk with your recruiter.

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