Rhode Island Board of Nursing

Become a Rhode Island nurse and see the Ocean State

rhode island board of nursing

The Rhode Island Board of Nursing is in Providence, Rhode Island. They are a participating nurse compact license state.

If you have a compact nursing license in Rhode Island, you can travel to other participating states and work on your license. If you have a nurse compact license from another state, you can travel to RI and work on that license.

The website has the application, licensing information, renewal, verification, contact info, nurse practice act, rules and regulations.

Rhode Island State Board of Nursing
3 Capitol Hill
Room 105
Providence, RI 02908

Phone: (401) 222-5700
Fax: (401) 222-3352
RI Board of Nursing

If you are interested in becoming a travel nurse in Rhode Island see Rhode Island nursing jobs for some great Rhode Island travel nursing assignment ideas.

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Fun things to do in Rhode Island

This small state has lots to offer. Great beach side communities with water activities, food and fun galore. Enjoy the seafood and sun to your hearts content. Rhode Island is a perfect place to explore all of New England.

One of the original thirteen colonies, Rhode Island is rich in history. The architecture and culture is there to enjoy. There are numerous colleges and universities for arts and museums.

If city living is more your taste, there is plenty to do, not only in Rhode Island, but in neighboring cities like Boston or New York City. Everything you could ask for is close by.

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