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south dakota board of nursing

The South Dakota Board of Nursing is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They participate in the nurse compact license.

If you have a South Dakota compact nursing license and would like to work in another compact state, you can work on your South Dakota nursing license. If you are traveling to South Dakota with a compact license from another state, you can work on that license.

The website offers application, renewal, verification and licensing information. They have the nurse practice act, the Center for Nursing Workforce, a quarterly newsletter and contact information online, as well.

South Dakota State Board of Nursing
4305 south Louise Ave. Suite 201
Sioux Falls, SD. 57106-3115

Phone: (605) 362-2760
Fax: (605) 362-2768
SD Board of Nursing

If you are interested in exploring South Dakota nursing jobs, see South Dakota nursing for all of the exciting places to visit in this beautiful state.

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Things to see and do in South Dakota

South Dakota is well know for its landscape - the Badlands, the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore are the most well known. South Dakota was also home to dinosaurs and there are numerous fossil sites scattered around the state, where you can see fossils and find out more information on these incredible creatures.

Native American history is alive and well with the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota tribes, which make up the Sioux Nation all here. There are bison herds still seen, as well.

You can enjoy one of the metropolitan areas for some great food, arts and nightlife. 

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