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Travel nurse employment is exciting. Just ask any of the travel nursing companies out there. It's an easy sell.

You get to do the job you love and travel the beautiful United States (or farther if you want). It isn't difficult to envision. Most nurses have at one time or another dreamed of hitting the road.

And it's no wonder... with free housing, great pay, free health insurance, travel and license reimbursement... who wouldn't be ready to travel to their next job?

Well, before you sign up with that first company you see and take what is available, do you know what you need to be doing? No? Well, I have created a free 5 day e-course to help you put the control in your hands.

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  • What exactly are you hoping to receive from your travel nursing career?

  • How do you interview the agency, the unit, and receive the right benefits for you?

  • How do you determine which agency will be the right fit?

    and much, much more.

These interview questionnaires are sure to get you started off on the right foot!

Preparation is the key. Make sure you go into the process well prepared and full of information. Sign up for my 5 day free course, delivered right to your email box and begin your travel nursing career today.

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