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Travel Nurse Benefits Are Much More Than Great Travel

What kind of benefits are available? The benefits for travel nurses are great! You will enjoy all of the perks of a staff job... plus. You have the chance to evaluate what is important to you and then make sure the travel company you decide to go with offers these benefits.

Some of the most sought after travel benefits are:

  • Health Insurance 1st day health insurance is even better. Many travel agencies recognize this and offer this exceptional benefit. It is fairly easy to find a company who offers free health insurance for you and a small charge for your dependents, not unlike a staff job.

  • Travel Reimbursement Most travel nurse agencies will offer this. There are some variations in how much is offered. If this is important to you, be sure to ask.

  • Free Housing Housing has always been offered to travel nurses, but it has changed over the years. It used to be only shared housing was available. Today, many travel nurse companies offer free private housing. A small stipend can be paid for a larger apartment. I have traveled with family and stayed in a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment for a small monthly fee.

  • License Reimbursement Spend any amount of time traveling and you will soon have a large collection of nursing licenses. That can quickly add up. Most agencies today will offer a reimbursement for your license fees. If your license is in a compact state, all the better. The nursing licensure compact has made traveling much easier for some. You will have less licenses to purchase.

  • Free CEU's This is becoming more popular. Even if not offered free, many time they can be done for a reduced rate. Many hospitals will allow travelers, while on assignment, to join staff for free Ceu offerings.

  • 401K Plan Saving for retirement is as important for a traveling nurse as it is in any other career. If you aren't currently in another plan, many agencies offer a 401K plan. Many agencies will also offer to match some of your contributions. Be sure to include this in your list of important benefits.

  • Nurse Salary (and Bonuses) Of course, earning a great wage is one of the great perks. Most agencies offer a competitive salary. Many will frequently offer sign on and completion bonuses, as well. These can add up to a large part of your salary. Some companies will roll bonuses into your pay which will save on taxes. Be sure to ask!

  • Workers Compensation and Malpractice Insurance No one wants to think about these things, but they can happen. Make sure you are protected.

  • Guaranteed Hours Some hospitals will cancel travelers first with a census change. Be sure to get a guaranteed hours clause in your contract. Many agencies will do this automatically.

These are just a few of the benefits that are offered. Be sure to include any others that are important to you.

To keep things easy and organized, use an interview form when you are interviewing nursing companies and hospitals. Be sure they are offering what is important to YOU. If not, be sure to discuss it with your recruiter. Some benefits are negotiable and they may be able to tailor your benefits package to suit your needs.

The benefits of being a nurse are great, but, by traveling you will enjoy so much more!

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