Traveling Nurse Career

An exciting and sometimes confusing time, start your new travel nurse
job off right.

Starting a new traveling nurse career or travel nurse job, there are always lots of questions. It can sometimes be difficult to find all of the answers.

I receive lots of email with nurses just trying to understand the process. Some of these questions are seen frequently enough, that I know there are more nurses out there wondering the same thing.

This page is going to be a continuous work in progress. If you have questions, be sure to contact me and I will get an answer out to you and possibly include it here to help others in their journey to great traveling nurse jobs.

Also, if you haven't already signed up for my free travel nurse 5 part course, be sure to do that, as well.

You will have tons of information and forms right at your fingertips when you start talking with travel agencies.

traveling nurse career

What is it?

Let's start off with the basics, just exactly what is travel nursing?


Questions about the great benefits are some of the most emailed questions that I receive. As a new nurse, they just seem too good to be true. They aren't. A travel nurses benefits are really good and always have been. Read about all of the great perks to being a travel nurse.


What kind of nursing scrubs will you be required to wear? It can change with every assignment.

Nursing Resources

Nursing Journals are one of the easiest ways to keep current in your field.

Nursing License

How do you go about getting all of those nursing licenses? It really isn't that difficult and is reimbursed by your travel nurse agency. See State board of nursing for information on all of the state boards and licensing information.

Did this help? More questions? Contact me and I'll send you an answer right away!

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