Virginia Board of Nursing

Virginia nursing puts you in the middle of American history

The Virginia Board of Nursing is located in Richmond, Virginia. They are responsible for licensing Registered Nurses, LPN's, CNS, NP, CNA and Pharmacy.

virginia board of nursing

Their website is very comprehensive. They offer applications, laws and regulations, renewal, license verification and contact information.

Virginia is one of the states that participates in the nursing compact license. If you are licensed in another compact state, and it is your home state, you can work on that license. If Virginia is your home state, you have many different options to choose from.

Virginia State Board of Nursing
Perimeter Center
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300
Richmond Virginia 23233-1463

Phone: 804-367-4515
Fax: 804-527-4455

Virginia Nursing Board

If you would like to become a Virginia nurse, see nursing jobs in Virginia for all of the fun things to do in the incredible state.

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Things to do in Virginia

Being one of the original thirteen colonies, it is rich in history. From the earliest beginnings of the United States to modern day politics.

For history fans, a visit to colonial Williamsburg is a must. You can also visit Jamestown settlement, Arlington Cemetery, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, and a wide range of military and civilian museums and galleries.

You can choose to live and work close to Washington D.C. or travel south for adventure parks, beaches and antiquing or west for the jaw dropping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

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