How to Prepare for your Travel Nursing Interview: Tips and Tricks

First, prepare some questions for your future employer. Why first? This is often something interviewees completely forget about preparing for, and if your interviewer asks if you have any questions and you don’t, it can look like you weren’t prepared, or aren’t interested.

Next, make sure you read up about the hospital or facility you are interviewing with. Their website ought to have more than enough information to get you started, and you should familiarize yourself with it.

Anything is Fair Game

Be prepared to answer questions about anything and everything on your resume. Did you have a gap? Have a good explanation as to why.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Anecdotes

An interviewer will want to know about who you are, your personality, and how you approach your job. She might even ask you, “Tell me about yourself.” Try answering that!

Other probable questions include, Can you describe a time you really rose to the challenge? How you put patient satisfaction first? How you handle disagreements with coworkers? What you liked/disliked most about your previous position?

What Can You Offer

Why do you want to work for them? What do you have that they need? How do you fulfill their stated requirements? First and foremost, an employer needs to know you’ll give them exactly what they are looking for and more!


An employer wants to know where you see your career headed, because it’ll give them a good idea of whether or not you’ll make the right fit.

General Tips

Remember, this will probably be a phone interview, or perhaps a Skype one. If it’s over the phone, you’ll want to find a quiet spot where you won’t be distracted and talk slowly and clearly.

For Skype (or another video-chat platform) make sure you dress professionally (And wear bottoms! You never know if you’ll have to stand up). Make sure your background is clutter-free, and that you won’t get any intruders.

In either case, have a copy of your resume with you and a pen/paper to take notes when it’s your turn to ask questions.

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