Why Work with a Travel Nursing Agency? 

Job-searching can be stressful, but agencies streamline the process.

Think about it: Recruiters from agencies need you: Their salary — and the success of their company — depends on placing quality nurses in great positions. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are looking for the best travel nurses, and it’s an agency’s job to provide them with just that!

Not only do recruiters want to find you a job, they’ll treat you well because they want you to stick with them. That way when your 13 weeks are up, you go back to that agency for help finding your next position.

Basically, you are getting an advocate, and that’s extremely helpful! Plus, because hospitals look to agencies to fill their positions, you’ll be in the first batch of resumes to hit their desks.

Agencies provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to become a travel nurse, they negotiate your salary and benefits, and they help you fill out the necessary paperwork.

So where to start? Check out our “Ultimate List of Travel Nursing Agencies”: A detailed, 50-page ebook filled with paragraph-long entries for more than 150 US-based travel nursing agencies, as well as 8 bonus agencies that place nurses in volunteer and paid positions overseas. The guide also includes tips on how to choose which agency (or agencies) to work with, so you make the right choice from the start! 

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